Dear Partners,

in this short tutorial I would like to explain how to install The Wo Token Smart Wallet App and how to set up your account. To install the app please use the following links:



If you are usinf iOS you might need to make the developer Silver Webbuzz. a trusted developer. In order to do so please go to General Setting –> Device management.

Wo Token WoToken Silver Webbuzz How to intall 006

Now you have to sign up. Your phone number will be your login. Please enter your invitation code: xyi8SQ3h5C.

Wo Token Registration Step 002

It is highly recommended to store your 10 backup mnemonic words in a safe place. You will need those words to restore your account.

Wo Token Registration Step 003.jpg

Also your private key has to be stored in a safe place. Your account might be compomised if you lose either your mnemonic words or your private key. Or both.

Please complete the following steps to replenish your wallet and add funds to the intelligent Apollo software.

Wo Token Registration Step 004.jpg

Wo Token Registration Step 006.jpg

Now you are all set and can enjoy daily profits!

Happy earnings!

Your Wo Token Maniacs

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