Stage 1

  • Personally HODL min USD1,000 Cryptocurrency in the WoToken Wallet.
  • Activate Apollo 1.
  • Recruit 3 direct partners.
  • Earn min USD10 daily or more
  • Potential earning up to USD1,000 a month.


Stage 2

  • Recruit another 7 direct partners to arrive at 10 in total
  • Earn min USD1,000 daily OR up USD30,000 a month.


Stage 3

  • Along the way have at least 3 direct partners to go through stages 1 & 2 & 3.
  • Earn min USD10,000 a day OR USD300,000 a month.


Stage 4

  • Upgrade to Apollo 2.
  • Recruit another 5 direct partners
  • Potentially earn min USD30,000 a day OR USD1 Million a month!



You can find the full compensation plan here.

Here is a detailed instruction to help you get started with Wotoken.

Enjoy your residual income.


WoToken Maniacs